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Are you a small business owner, sole trader or marketeer, want a stylish and flexible website you’ll have full control over, reasonably computer savvy (but not an IT geek!) or just super busy? If so, we can help!

We can help you design and build a fully professional, ‘Google-hot’ website, update your content and manage your time, choose the right cost option, join a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Why Wpignited? Well, simply because, WordPress is one of the best and easiest web publishing systems out there. WPignited online training courses bring it all to life!

Starting a new Business?

If you are, you'll want to keep your start-up costs low, and that includes the cost of your web site. Why not build it yourself? Its easier than you think. Our simple to follow course will show you how. Read more…

Want to update your own web site?

Are you frustrated by not being able to update your own web site? By using FREE open source software and inexpense web hosting, we'll show you how to build a site that puts you in control. Read more…

No technical or
design skills?

If you're lacking in the technical or creative departments, our online training videos assume no technical or creative skills. We cover EVERYTHING needed to build a professional web site.
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Follow along the whole process of building a successful website


Learn about domain names, hosting and web software

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Learn about the power of Wordpress themes. Get the design you want.

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Keep your web site upto date and manage the content yourself.

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Learn how to promote your web site to getting the customers flocking in.

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Keep your web site safe, secure and free from errors.

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Take your site to the next level with our advanced customization tips

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Video Samples

video sample

Adding a banner image

Example of customizing a default template/theme. In this lesson we see how to add our own header image.watch sample »

video sample

Understanding Link Building

Example of explaining links and link building. Why are links so important to your online marketing. watch sample »

video sample

Project - Adding Footer Widgets

In this project, creating a mockup training company web site, we look at adding footer widgets watch sample »

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