How to avoid distractions when doing online tutorials

24 Jul 2013 Comment
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Sure, you’ve got the very best intention to keep up to speed with your WPignited tutorials and take your website to the next stage – it’s just that other things seem to keep taking over.

OK, here we have a handful of tips to help you avoid distractions and stay on track.

Work to a plan

As with any work progression, if you make a plan and ensure it is achievable and measurable (with clear goals and outcomes) you will feel so much more in control as you work through the programme.

Be realistic

Most people can take in just seven key pieces of information at any one time so do recognise that you can’t do everything at once. Let us guide you fully through each stage whilst taking it at your own pace.

Set the alarm

Yes, it’s as simple as that. Set aside (say) a full hour and then set an alarm for a 45 minute call. This means you’ll have the last quarter of the hour to review what you’ve done. Alternatively, if you like to work with music on, you could even study for the duration of your favourite album.

Make sure you’re not hungry

And also that you have a drink to hand. You’ll never work well if you’re thirsty or thinking about food.

Find a specific time and place

Try to work in a place where you know you’ll learn well and when you know you will not be tired. For example, if you diarise your tutorials (say) for the same time every Tuesday and Thursday evening, it will soon feel like you’ve adopted a regular ‘evening class’ routine.

Turn everything else off

From facebook alerts to your mobile ‘phone and emails; no matter how strong you are, alerts and calls such as these will seriously interrupt your flow.

Plan your reward

And finally, think ahead to the time when you will have reached your goal and plan a nice reward. What’s more, if you keep a photo of your ‘special treat’ pinned above your desk, it will help you stay focused, every time you look up!

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