20 things you can put on your web site’s home page

1 Oct 2013 0 comments
web site home page content ideas
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Sometimes it can be quite intimidating staring from a blank page when you’re starting a new web site. If you’re a web designer or just a regular WordPress user then here are some pointers as to what you could potentially put on your home page. It’s by no means exhaustive but it should give you a decent head start. Enjoy!

  1. Key Products / Services /  Teasers
  2. Introduction Text
  3. Introduction Video
  4. Image Sliders (content could be any of the items on this list)
  5. Latest Blog Posts / News Items
  6. Twitter Feed
  7. Facebook members
  8. Signup Forms
  9. Key Marketing Message(s) / Headlines
  10. Testimonials
  11. Offers / Invitations
  12. Contact Details
  13. Acreditations / Awards / Badges
  14. Banner Graphics / Hero Images / With Straplines
  15. Maps or Info Graphics
  16. Search Boxes
  17. Famous Quotations that enhance your brand messages
  18. People / Faces (makes your web site more engaging and personal)
  19. External News Feeds (can be useful if you don’t have much content yourself) could be relevant industry news, for example.
  20. Social Share Buttons / Links
  21. FAQ’s – You don’t have to bury this content in your website, give answers on your home page
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