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12 Jul 2013 0 comments
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I’ve got my wife to thank for this one, because she came up with what I now believe is ‘the best question you could ever ask’ (and also, ‘the best question you could ever be asked’!).

Wait for it……….





“Who’d like another piece of pie?”

Good eh?

See, already I’m thinking about the last wonderful piece of pie I had and also about this piece of pie that I’m just supposed to have eaten (which annoyingly I can’t remember) and perhaps most importantly, I’m now thinking…

‘Right, where can I get some pie from?’

This blog was originally going to be called – ‘Seven ways to great website content’ or something similar, but somehow this pie thing seems perfect because,  just like the above question, your website should :

  • make a connection
  • engage and intrigue
  • build desire
  • encourage action to be taken

Here are some cool ways to do this :

Add updates about today’s news and key dates

Not necessarily the big headlines but do lookout for quirky news stories that people will pass on. Stories relating to your specialism are especially strong and also, people are always interested to know about up and coming big national events and key anniversaries.

The prize doesn’t have to be a sports car or a holiday in the sun; it could simple be one of your products or access to a part of your service.

Run an online poll and then announce the results

In our last poll, 38% of voters told us… the first things they do after waking up in the morning is check facebook. Would you agree?

Have an opinion on a hot topic

Especially if it’s one you can have a guiding opinion on. Then spark an online discussion.

Post great photos and videos

Here’s a tip, people love nostalgia. So think about the age, profile and interests of your target market and then post a photo or video of something they’ll enjoy rediscovering.

Give people the opportunity to add their own content too.

Hands up if you used to spend hours making compilation tapes for all your mates?

Hands up if you used to spend hours making compilation tapes for all your mates?

Become a font of knowledge

Answering questions and solving problems is another great way to be seen as a positive leader in your field.

And next week…

Finally, keep ‘em interested by posting content in daily/ weekly/ monthly parts (or over a number of ‘episodes’). If the content is strong, you will have your site visitors coming back again and again.

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After leaving his job in 2004, David founded Glass Slipper Interactive a Web Design & Development Company and has now setup an online publishing company of which wpignited.com is one of his first publications. David loves Wordpress and what it can do for people with few technical skills or time but have something to say.

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